The EPSCoR DDC uses open-source technologies, is highly customizable, is extensible, is based on documented researcher needs, accommodates a broad suite of data types, volumes, and access, incorporates multiple user tiers, and ensures data security through data redundancy and automated backups.

Hardware resources are primarily utilized to accommodate the EPSCoR database and to serve the DDC web interface and its tools. Secondary use of the hardware is to provide high end computing resources to EPSCoR research groups for the purposes of QA/QC data validation, data analysis, and data modeling.

DDC hardware resources at the University of New Hampshire include two Dell PowerEdge R510 Servers running in tandem, each with eight six-core Intel® Xeon® processors using a total of 128GB of RAM. These systems are supported by two SanDigital EliteStore Direct Attached Storage (DAS) units with a total disk storage capacity of 72TB of usable RAID storage to accommodate the database and research group processing needs.

Computing resources available to research groups are allocated via the use of virtual servers off the main DDC server system. Currently, there are ten virtual servers being managed via a hypervisor.

All DDC data, webpage content, and code are backed up regularly with the use of two Dell PowerEdge R720 servers running in tandem, supporting 72TB of usable RAID 0 storage.