Project Spotlight

Feature Updates

What's new for the DDC?


The DDC continues to work with NEST research teams to acquire and host their project data. DDC staff will provide technical support as needed.

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What's next for the DDC?


The DDC will soon have available more dams data for New England. This dataset is developed by an interdisciplinary team of NEST researchers in Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.

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Data Updates

Project Last Update
New England Dams Database 2017-06-01
Intensive Snow Measurements 2016-09-09
Great Bay Pathogenic Vibrio & Environmental Data 2016-02-03
High Intensity Aquatic Network 2016-02-01
LoVoTECS Network 2016-02-01
High Intensity Terrestrial Network 2015-09-09
CoCoRAHS Precipitation 2015-08-07
CoCoRAHS Albedo 2015-08-03
Database Last Updated: June 1, 2017