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Feature Updates

What's new for the DDC?


The DDC is pleased to make available 4 new data portals highlighting the interdisciplinary work of NEST research teams: Maine and New Hampshire Beachgoer Survey, Maine and New Hampshire Coastal Res...

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What's next for the DDC?


This upcoming data portal encompasses a suite of snowpack characteristics: snow depth and density, grain size, albedo, temperature, and major ion and black carbon chemistry.

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Data Updates

Project Last Update
Intensive Snow Measurements 2016-09-09
Great Bay Pathogenic Vibrio & Environmental Data 2016-02-03
High Intensity Aquatic Network 2016-02-01
LoVoTECS Network 2016-02-01
High Intensity Terrestrial Network 2015-09-09
CoCoRAHS Precipitation 2015-08-07
CoCoRAHS Albedo 2015-08-03
Eddy Flux Monitoring Network 2015-06-02
Database Last Updated: Sept. 9, 2016