Data Discovery Center Feature Updates

Upcoming Feature Updates

The Future of Dams
The DDC will soon provide data on 7000 dams in New England. This dataset will include Feature Characteristics, Land Use Classification, Dam Hazard Classification and related attributes and is developed by an interdisciplinary team of NEST researchers in Maine, New Hampshire, and Rhode Island.
 Expected: Spring 2017

Past Feature Updates

More NEST Data
The DDC continues to work with NEST research teams to acquire and host their project data. DDC staff will provide technical support as needed.
 Completed: Winter 2017
Intensive Snow Measurements
This new data portal encompasses a suite of snowpack characteristics: snow depth and density, grain size, albedo, temperature, and major ion and black carbon chemistry.
 Completed: Fall 2016
NEST Data Available
The DDC is pleased to make available 4 new data portals highlighting the interdisciplinary work of NEST research teams: Maine and New Hampshire Beachgoer Survey, Maine and New Hampshire Coastal Resident Survey, Healthy Maine Beaches, and Public Perceptions of Water Issues. More NEST data portals will be released soon.
 Completed: Summer, 2016
Additional NH MODIS Data
The DDC will soon house six MODIS data products for use by the Pixel Extraction Tool within the Data Query interface.‭ The Pixel Extraction Tool allows users to extract pixel values from the imagery at station locations. New data products will include MCD12Q2‭ (‬Land‭ ‬Cover Dynamics‭)‬,‭ ‬MOD11A1‭ (‬LST Daily‭)‬,‭ ‬and MOD11A2‭ (‬LST‭ ‬8-day Composite‭)‬ data products.‭ ‬MCD43B3‭ (‬Albedo‭) and MOD13A2‭ (‬NDVI‭) ‬data products for the years 2006 through 2014 are currently available through the DDC as are MCD15A2 (LAI) data products for 2007 through 2014.
 Completed: Spring 2016
Web Mapping Capabilities
The DDC is developing new web mapping utilities to allow for the mapping of data across the states of Maine and New Hampshire.‭ ‬This will help users to define spatial trends within the data, and will be available within the main DDC interface as well as within individual project portals.
 Completed: Spring 2016
Filtering Capability
To accommodate the growth of the DDC data holdings, new filtering options are being added to the interface. These will allow users to more easily select portals and data sets based on content, theme, or geography.
 Completed: Winter/Spring 2016
The DDC Gets a New Look
The DDC recently implemented a redesign of its website to better accommodate its users. This new intuitive interface allows for quicker and more efficient access to data, data visualizations, and supporting data and information. The interface also provides a “What’s New for the DDC” blog as well as other communications tools for users to better keep track of new data and tools being hosted and produced by the DDC.
 Completed: Fall 2015
Poster Gallery
The DDC now has an on-line poster gallery highlighting the research activities of the New England Sustainability Consortium (NEST). The gallery is accessible through the 'Resources' tab on the navigation menu. New posters will be added to the gallery as they become available. Individual portals will have links to project-specific posters as well.
 Completed: Fall, 2015
The DDC has made available three MODIS data products for use with the Pixel Extraction Tool within the Data Query interface.‭ The Pixel Extraction Tool allows users to extract pixel values from the imagery at station locations. ‬MCD43B3‭ (‬Albedo‭) and MOD13A2‭ (‬NDVI‭) ‬data products for the years 2006 through 2014 are currently available through the DDC as are MCD15A2 (LAI) data products for 2007 through 2014. Additional data products including MCD12Q2‭ (‬Land‭ ‬Cover Dynamics‭)‬,‭ ‬MOD11A1‭ (‬LST Daily‭)‬,‭ ‬and MOD11A2‭ (‬LST‭ ‬8-day Composite‭)‬ will be available soon.
 Completed: Fall 2015
NEST Portal Development
The DDC is collaborating with the NEST research teams to develop new portals. Initial development will focus on the following research projects: Clamflat Shell Addition Experiment; Fecal Bacteria Assessment; Media Analysis; Public Transmedia Storytelling; and Surfers, Water Quality, & Decision Making.
 Completed: Summer/Fall 2015
Fecal Bacteria Assessment Data
Fecal Bacteria Assessment data is now available through the DDC. The data were collected during the summer of 2015 at two watershed locations – the Oyster River Watershed and the Little River Watershed in southeastern New Hampshire.
 Completed: Fall, 2015
Pixel Extraction Tool
The Pixel Extraction Tool‭ (‬P-E-T‭) ‬Tool will allow users to extract data and time series values from any DDC raster data product(s‭) ‬via the location of existing station sensor locations or via a user defined click within a map of New Hampshire.‭ ‬These data will be made available for download or for visualization and comparison against other station data or raster data variables within the DDC Enhanced Graphing Tool.
 Completed: Winter 2015
Land Use and Demographics‭
The Land Use and Demographics data portal is now available through the DDC. This portal combines newly available housing density data with existing forest characteristics, demographic and remote sensing data to examine the relationship among residential development patterns, spatial variations in forest cover and ecosystem change in New Hampshire.
 Completed: Early Winter 2015
Advanced Metadata Tool
The DDC is in the process of finalizing version‭ ‬1‭ ‬of our Advanced Metadata Tool.‭ ‬This‭ ‬tool‭ ‬will allow DDC users to add and update metadata in FGDC,‭ ‬ISO,‭ ‬and EML metadata standards for any of their data products through an easy to use graphic user interface.‭ ‬Future iterations of the Advanced Metadata Tool will allow for conversion capabilities between metadata standards and for easy download of metadata records.
 Completed: Early Winter 2015
New Hampshire Water and Watershed Survey‭
New Hampshire Water and Watershed Survey data is now accessible through the DDC. This project adds new survey data that focuses on evaluating and valuing the ecosystem services‭ (‬benefits from nature provided to humans‭) ‬provided by New Hampshire’s watersheds.‭ ‬
 Completed: Early Winter 2015
DDC Track II Data Surveys
The DDC is pleased to support the inclusion of data from the EPSCoR Track II, New England Sustainability Consortium (NEST) Project. This data will focus on economic, social and environmental dimensions of coastal closures along the New Hampshire and Maine seacoasts. For further information, please see
 Completed: Fall/Winter 2014
Data Dashboard
The Data Dashboard will allow project data managers to efficiently upload and manage data, metadata, and access permissions for all files owned by them. This new tool will allow managers to designate data field names, edit metadata through a standard template, and grant/modify access rights to their data sets. Training sessions will be scheduled with each EPSCoR data manager to better promote the use of the new DDC Data Dashboard.
 Completed: Fall/Winter 2014
Educational Subsets and Lessons
In our effort to link current science data to relevant classroom learning, the DDC will be rolling out a new series of Educational Science Data Subsets and Lessons for use in understanding important science questions of the day.
 Completed: Fall/Winter 2014
Airborne Data
The Airborne project‭ ‬adds new high resolution multi­spectral SPECTIR imagery to the DDC,‭ ‬providing a mechanism for scaling EPSCoR network sensor and other field observations that are primarily point­measurements to broader geographic areas.
 Completed: November 2014
Enhanced Graphing Tool
The Multi-Date Multi-Variable Graphing Tool will allow users to visualize data over a month, a year, or the full data record allowing for the exploration of long term trends.
 Completed: September 2014
Direct Data Access
This new capability of the Data Discovery Center (DDC) will allow users to directly download all available DDC data. Available lists of data files will be sortable alphabetically, chronologically, or categorically for easy access.
 Completed: September 2014